Monday, October 11, 2010


“FINALLY-someone who gets our time restraints and read our minds….This is the product we all wished we had years ago!!! As a pageant contestant, board member, consultant, coach, store owner, title holder and promoter of many different pageant systems, I can honestly say that the Interview Me CD’s should be a contestant’s first purchase when preparing for a pageant. Before the gown, before swimsuit, before the jewelry, this product is your first step in preparing you for a successful and well-practiced interview. I too am a believer that the crown is first won in the interview and Interview Me will give each contestant the practice that she so desperately needs to hear herself answer questions out loud and to help gauge the length of her answers. When you’re in ‘pageant mode’ TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Interview Me is the only product that takes you to the gym, or to your child’s soccer game or driving to work while still being engaged in your interview and keeping your goals of winning that title with you through your entire day. Interview Me is also the perfect tool and a MUST HAVE for every pageant coach! Jumpstart your clients’ interview sessions with this perfect homework accessory! I know my clients felt more prepared to meet with me for the first time because they already had several mock interviews with their CD’s. Interview Me’s different levels of are perfect for every client-regardless of their level of competition! You simply cannot afford to make every moment of your preparation count!”

Elizabeth Amar
Owner, Venue Pageant & Prom
Mrs. Idaho America 2006

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