Monday, October 11, 2010


For as long as I can remember I have watched pageants (my whole family is involved), so you can imagine my excitement when it finally became my turn to compete! My Mom said the most important thing I will ever learn from pageants is how to interview. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it can be really hard to sit across from an adult judge and have them ask you questions that sometimes you just don’t know what they mean.  That’s why my Mom and I were so excited to hear about the Princess Edition of  “Interview Me”!  Now I can work on my interview at my own pace and in the process learn a lot about myself.  I will never again be intimidated to walk into an interview, because this CD prepared me for just about anything a judge might throw at me.  I have many years ahead of me before I can stand on the Miss America stage but I can tell you when that day comes…you better watch out because I will be prepared!

 Peace out,

Savannah Ellison
Future Miss America

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